Pre Test

Theory Tests

It makes good sense to start working on your theory aspect as soon as possible to begin to identify road signs and markings etc.

The theory test consists of two parts, the first consists of multiple choice questions and the second tests your hazard perception skills.

There are 50 questions in the multiple choice section and you will need to get at least 43 of these correct. I can help you with your preparation for this test.

The hazard perception section shows a number of video clips simulated as if you were driving the car, and you have to click a computer mouse as soon as you see a potential hazard developing.


Mock Tests

After approx 20 hours of tuition you will be driving with more confidence, and we can then consider conducting a mock test with you. Your mock test will include all relevant manoeuvres as if on a real test. I will use the same form as the examiner will use on your test day.

This will give us a good idea of how your driving has progressed, and once you have passed your theory test we can make plans for your practical test.

More details regarding the test criteria can be found at

Driving Standards Agency ( DSA ) – responsible for driving tests.

After the Test

Once you have passed you driving test you may wish to consider taking some further training, for example; motorway driving, as this topic will not be covered during your normal lessons.

There is also an additional course called PASS PLUS

This consists of 6 modules designed to develop your practical driving skills in towns and out of town, in all weather conditions, at night and driving on dual carriageways and motorways.

The completion of this course can be very beneficial when trying to insure your first vehicle. Some insurers offer special discounts to those who have completed this course, as statistics show that new drivers have far more accidents than those with more experience. However, premiums can be reduced amongst those who have undergone more advanced training.

The PASS PLUS course is designed to make you a more competent driver, not just a means to cheaper insurance.

If you are interested in further training please phone or text and we can discuss your requirements.

For additional information on PASS PLUS please follow these links: PASS PLUS & PASS PLUS INSURERS